Intelligent Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

We are consistently committed to shortening delivery time, reducing risk, and improving efficiency. We enhance insight through digitization and realize agile decision-making through the installation of sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, cloud and edge computing.

We use technology and systematic solutions like automation, digital twins, and artificial intelligence to achieve faster customization, creation, and delivery of high-quality SIMAND intelligent controllers.

We work together to continue to innovate, making life better for humanity.

Intelligent management and control
ERP, MES, APS, WMS, SFCS, workshop simulation
Automated, flexible production lines, BI sensor of digital signage,
machine vision, AGVs, three-dimensional warehouses
Intelligent production equipment, energy measuring and monitoring devices, intelligent logistics equipment,
intelligent detection and data collection devices
Information security, video monitoring, factory network, workshop networking, identity recognition, industrial safety
Leading Industry Position

President Unit - Jiangsu Electronic Society SMT Special Committee

President Unit - Jiangsu Electronic Society Assembly Automation Committee

Simand was among the first in the industry to pass the "Integration of information technology and industrialization" standard certification. It is a demonstration enterprise of intelligent factories in Jiangsu Province and an internet benchmark enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

It has won numerous provincial honors, including Jiangsu Province's Intelligent Factory and Jiangsu Province's Demonstrative Intelligent Workshop (washing machine and other intelligent controller production workshop), (high-end automobile electronic motherboard intelligent manufacturing workshop), and more.

Model Innovation


Flexible Manufacturing

High Degree of Equipment Interconnection

System Interconnection

Collaborative Operation

Machines replace humans

Promotion of Automation

Intelligent Analysis

Agile Decision Making

Complete System Interconnection

Digital Platform

Big Data Analysis






Simand Quality Policy