Simand Innovation Institute

Cutting-edge Innovation

The Simand Innovation Institute is a team of cutting-edge innovative designers with highly competitive integrated R&D capabilities. Our main research directions include intelligent control technology, power control, and frequency conversion drive control.

We uphold the design concept of innovation, high quality, and high efficiency, committed to the R&D of high-end smart controllers.

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Cutting-edge Innovation

  • Variable Frequency Motor Control System

  • Intelligent Controllers for Air Purifier and other Small Appliances

  • Industrial Data Application Technology Intelligent Warehouse System

  • Air Conditioner Indoor/Outdoor Intelligent Control System

  • Power Inverter Control System

  • Intelligent Control System for Washing Machine and Refrigerator

Complete Reliability Testing Capabilities

The Simand Innovation Institute has complete R&D hardware facilities and EMC experimental equipment, which can provide a comprehensive electronic materials reliability analysis test and certification, providing full assurance for product development and quality.

The R&D laboratory has been invested more than 15 million yuan in total, and the total value of the equipment and instruments has reached 10 million yuan,including: high-voltage DC power supply, Rohde & Schwarz EMI Test Receiver, Yokogawa 8-channel 350MHz oscilloscope, Yokogawa high-voltage differential probe, Yokogawa WT1800E power meter, AC/DC 30A-3KW electronic load, 50KW variable frequency power supply, AC/DC electronic load, leakage current, ground on-resistance tester, infrared temperature tester, lightning, surge pulse group, electrostatic simulation tester, ion pollution tester, power drop tester, dynamometer, ROHS tester, 3D X-RAY inspection machine, etc.

  • High voltage testing

    EMC testing

    Software simulation

  • Constant temperature and humidity

    High and low temperature cooling

    Hermal shock

  • Vibration testing

    Salt spray test

    Aging test

  • Combustion test

    Electrical trace test

    Glow wire test

    Needle flame test

  • Microscope testing

    Two-dimensional testing

    X-Ray inspection

  • Push-pull test

    Stress Test

    Metallographic cutting