Company Introduction

Jiangsu SIMAND Electric Co., Ltd., established in July 1989, has always focused on the research and development and manufacturing of intelligent controllers. It is a high-tech enterprise with multiple manufacturing bases and is committed to becoming the world's leading provider of integrated intelligent controller solutions.


Create a century-long Simand
To be the global leader in intelligent controllers!

Development history

  • 1989
  • 1994
  • 2001
  • 2009
  • 2014
  • 2016
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2021
  • Future
  • Establish Wuxian Simand Electrical Appliance Factory

    1989 - Established Wuxian SIMAND Electrical Appliance Factory, independently developed and produced Shanghai Narcissus brand fully automatic washing machine computer controller

  • Relocation to Xiangcheng Huangqiao Industrial Zone

    1994 - Purchased factory building, relocated to Huangqiao Industrial Zone, Xiangcheng

  • Official renaming of the company

    2001 - The company officially changed its name to: Jiangsu SIMAND Electric Limited.

  • Factory relocation to Xiangcheng Economic Development Zone

    2009 - Factory moved to No. 111, Kangyuan Road, Xiangcheng Economic Development Zone

  • Establishment of Anhui subsidiary

    2014 - Established a subsidiary in Anhui: Tongling Anbo Circuit Board Co., Ltd.

  • High end manufacturing base put into operation

    2016 - High-end manufacturing bases such as automotive electronics, new energy, industrial control were put into operation

  • Company share reform and renaming

    2018 - The company changed its share structure, and changed its name to: Jiangsu SIMAND Electric Co., Ltd.

  • Simand Innovation Research Institute officially established

    2019 - Jiangsu Electronic Information Industry Academician Collaborative Innovation Center was settled in SIMAND, and SIMAND Innovation Research Institute officially was established.

  • Foundation laying and commencement of the intelligent controller research and development center project

    2021 - Laid the foundation for new production projects of high-end intelligent controllers, intelligent home controllers, and for intelligent controller research and development center.

  • Building an ecological operation management system

    In the future, we will focus on the deep development and application of enterprise big data, form a resource integration of system and equipment collaboration, data and business sharing, cross-plant area and upstream and downstream partners, and create an ecological operation management system through collaborative innovation.

Simand focusing on Intelligent Controllers

Jiangsu Simand specializes in product innovation design, new product prototyping and verification, PCB board layout manufacturability design, system assembly testing and intelligent manufacturing and technology research and development.

  • More than 140 million households use Simand's intelligent controllers

  • Over 75 million intelligent controllers are provided by Simand per year

  • Advanced medical diagnostic equipment benefits mankind

The company's products are applied in fields such as intelligent home, frequency conversion drive, automotive electronics, industrial control, new energy, network communication, etc., and the products are spread across more than 10 countries worldwide.

  • Boosting the development of
    new energy vehicles

  • Accelerating the development of
    communication interconnection

  • Intelligent controllers create
    a refined life

What PCBA are the world's top products using! They all chose Simand products!